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Increase your ROI and customer satisfaction by taking one of the NCS College of Clean courses today. Choose training courses from car wash chemical management to equipment repair and car wash management.

We’re excited to offer one-of-a-kind educational experience to car wash owners and operators. Our unique CleanTouch Chemical management course offers real-world, hands-on class instruction to teach you how to successfully manage the chemical portion of your car wash business.

Learn how to use chemical portioning devices, formulation, and dispensing to optimize your chemical combinations for maximum efficiency and minimal costs. If you want better ROI and happier customers, this is a must have training for anyone managing carwash chemicals.  Only CleanTouch offers it!

Course topics include:

  • Safety handling and using chemicals in your car wash
  • The Five Factors of Clean and how they determine a clean car every time
  • Titration and Volumetrics- important calibration and optimization of your chemical usage
  • Chemical Application Systems
  • Cost Analysis
  • Inventory Management
  • Reverse Osmosis and Reclaim Water Treatment Systems
  • Troubleshooting and fixing your chemical issues

All courses are taught by trained, experienced professionals in the vehicle car industry with decades of real-world experience. Our courses are taught in our specially designed 10000-square foot Customer Experience Bay in Grimes, Iowa. This interactive learning center provides experiential training with six bays of equipment and a unique chemical wet lab with all of the latest chemical hardware, applicators, pumps and more.

Maximize Your Car Wash Success with an NCS Course

Car Wash Management

Price: $1,095
Duration: 3-Day Workshop

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Tunnel Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Price: $1,095
Duration: 3-Day Workshop

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Rollover Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Price: $1,095
Duration: 3-Day Course

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Car Wash Cleaning Solutions

Price: $395
Duration: 2-Day Workshop

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New Investor Course

Price: $0 (FREE)
Duration: 1 Day Workshop

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