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CleanTouch FX Sizzle Reel

Introducing the CleanTouch FX Experience. Generate revenues like never before by creating a truly immersive experience. From custom arches, scents, and lights your customers will be captivated by FX. Get ready to transform your tunnel and outshine the competition with the FX Experience.

CleanTouch FX Blaze Arch

An exciting visual experience that will provide that WOW factor for your car wash. The Blaze arch is just one example of our full line of CleanTouch FX arches that combined with our line of CleanTouch chemicals will help you grow your car wash revenues.

Rain Forest Car Wash

What type of wash experience are you providing for your customers? See why Rain Forest Car Wash customers drive the extra distance for the experience.

Sgt. Clean's Car Wash Marketing Refresh

See how Sgt. Clean's Car Wash increased its revenue by 79% after a marketing refresh.

TSS Volcano Arch

TSS Volcano Arch in action!

TSS Speedy Car Wash - Drone Fly Through

Let us take you on a tour of Speedy Car Wash in Grand Rapids, MI, which features numerous TSS products.