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Tunnel Car Wash Systems

Legendary MacNeil Quality and Durability

Why Choose Best-in-Class Tunnel Car Wash Equipment?

When you need your tunnel car wash to run faster, safer and last longer; produce clean, shiny cars every time; look no further than MacNeil.  We offer legendary quality tunnel car wash systems and components:

  • Incomparable durability, dependability and ease of maintenance
  • Heavy-duty high carbon and stainless steel hardware and bearings
  • Exclusive 3MTM Pro- Coat for long-lasting finish
  • Superior engineering and heavy-duty construction unmatched in the industry

MacNeil Tunnel Car Wash Systems

Increase the quality of your car wash, reduce costs and labor, and boost profits with the best tunnel car wash equipment available.

Express Wash Tunnels
MacNeil leads the industry in the newest express tunnel configurations to meet your needs. Our express systems increase throughput, reduce labor and drive higher profits.

  • Conveyor World- Class Dependability
    The legendary XR- 1000 conveyor is the safest, most reliable conveyor on the market today.

  • Complete Presoak Coverage
    Complete coverage with everything from Versa & FX Arches and streamers to TSS foamers and tire chemical applicators.

  • Thorough, Superior Clean
    The Top Brush, SuperFlex 701 Wrap-Around and high and low side washers offer a superior friction wash that is safe on vehicles surface.

  • Exceptional Wash and Rinse
    Quiet, reliable Magnum Pumping Station allows you to use Magnum Series equipment (wheel, side or bumper blasters) to provide a high-pressure wash and rinse.
  • Effective Chemical Application
    TSS Arches, plus a variety of manifolds, help apply the chemical in a full coverage to break through the dirt on the vehicle’s surface.
  • Advanced Drying
    The unique design of the Tech 21 Drying System reaches all vehicle surfaces and mirrors and gives you complete control of the drying process. Add Power Locks for energy saving and noise reduction.
  • World- Class Wheel Cleaning
    • Gloss Boss: The industry’s best automated tire dresser
    • Wheel Boss: All-foam or bristle brush horizontal wheel cleaner

In-Bay Mini- Express Tunnel

MacNeil’s In-Bay Mini-Express Tunnel offers the best in-bay automatic tunnel solution, helping triple your throughput in some cases. Easily convert from an underperforming in-bay automatic system and increase wash counts and higher ticket averages.

  • Compact Configuration
    The space saving Z-frame design is ideal for smaller in-bay automatic dimensions.

  • Easy Conversion
    We can show you how to fit a mini express-tunnel system into the same space

  • Greater Volume
    You can triple your throughput to as many as 50+ cars per hour.

  • Increased Profits
    Added arches and lighting along with wheel and tire add-ons increase your ticket revenue per car.

  • Reduced Installation Costs
    Shorter downtime and minimal site changes mean lower installation costs.

  • Operating Cost Savings
    Reduce water and chemistry consumption for lower expenses and greater profits.

ExpressLane Drive-Through

This efficient system is easy to integrate into your vehicle wash center. Built for lower total cost of ownership, the ExpressLane Drive-Thru is the perfect choice for businesses that rely upon clean shiny dry vehicles for their customers or employees.  Choose a 3 Brush or 5 Brush Drive-Through system or the Drive-Through with Dryers.

  • Compact Configuration
    Requiring little space with Z-frame design, the Drive-Thru is ideal for automotive dealers, fleet operators and rental agencies.

  • Simple Setup
    No conveyor is needed avoiding expensive construction and down time.

  • Superior Cleaning and High Throughput
    Your customers experience a superior clean while you maximize your throughput.

  • Durability
    Built to last, with low-maintenance, high-quality components that last longer than competitors’ drive-thru.


  • Conveyors
  • Arches (water and chemical applicators)
  • High and low side washers
  • Brushes
  • Wheel Boss wheel washer
  • Tire Boss tire washer
  • Gloss Boss tire shine applicator
  • Wash control systems
  • Dryers

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